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* Please send a double-sided photo of Zairyu Card or Menkyo to 090-9182-0029 by SMS, Line or WhatsApp. Or by email info.mail@trendco.biz
* The order being made from Monday to Friday until 17 hours, will be shipped the same day arriving the next day at the place of delivery. (The order being made on Saturdays and Sundays, will be shipped the second, arriving on Tuesday at the delivery location.) * They may take longer in places like Okinawa, Kyushu and Hokkaido.

* In case of cancellation, I am aware that I must return the device with the accessories, in the same way I received it. (Shipping will be by me)
* I am aware that I must inform the change of address for the correct receipt of the invoices in the correct place, avoiding signal cuts.
* I am aware that I can not use Torrent's, b2b or similar file-sharing programs.

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